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I'm not the easiest customer to please by any means, just ask anybody who has ever tried selling me a service or product. I am a discriminating customer who takes his time making purchasing decisions and I am not easily impressed these days with so many lousy businesses out there. You really have to be extra careful. I have ultra-high expectations of excellence & expect the best in every aspect of a company I do business with. But WOW!!!!, I was blown away with Safe & Sound. Great prices, awesome bend over backwards customer service, no-hassle returns, patience, exemplary product knowledge, skilled workmanship & so much more, these guys really care & take their work seriously. After interrogating almost every audio store here in Northern Virginia with a fine tooth comb, I finally settled on Safe & Sound in Manassas after going back & forth with the Rich, the store owner for a month asking a million questions. He never once lost his patience with me. Rich & his awesome team are

Posted By: JohnnyMazda

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