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Direct Connection
Whether your radio is factory or aftermarket, hear your iPod in full digital format when directly connected to your radio.
Keep It Charged
When connected to your vehicle, your iPod will always stay charged
Audio and Video
Fully control the playback of your iPod music and video library
Limit the clutter
iPod integration allows you to limit the clutter of CDs and other music formats
Add to Anything
An iPod can be added to just about any radio, whether factory or aftermarket
Our Experts will answer all of your questions .....
"Can I add an iPod connection to my factory stereo?"
"I've heard that in some cases there is static. Will I have this problem?"
"I have a video iPod. Can I watch the videos on my TV?"
"I want to buy a new radio. Can I add an iPod connection to that, too?"

I just wanted to take a moment and thank the staff for an excellent experience in the installation of a brand-new Alpine/DVD/navigation unit. I had an opportunity to explore many options before selecting the Alpine INE-920HD unit. . Of course, like all buyers. I spent a little bit of time up on the Internet, looking for the best price. But it became quite apparent that finding a qualified authorized installer would be the best course of action. I am pleased to report that Safe and Sound, did an excellent job in the installation of this product. In addition to the head unit. I also had the steering column controls installed, a USB port for my iPhone. And lastly, a rear-view camera. I can certainly say at the end of the installation, it looked as if all of the devices installed were original equipment. The quality of the installation was outstanding, as well as the product. I am very pleased with the Alpine sound system and I can truly recommend without hesitation. Th

Posted By: Jay Farr

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