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We can add an amp to any factory stereo. The amplifier is the engine that runs an audio system. Every audio system has an amplifier. In a factory system it's typically located inside the radio an is no more than a few inches long. Most aftermarket head units advertise power around 20 watts per channel but if you read the fine print, at 12volts they're all about 8 watts per channel and not much better than your factory radio. Adding an external amplifier is one of the best improvements you can make to any system adding warmth, punch, dynamic range and of course, volume. Amps come in numerous shapes, sizes and configurations. Some super small to fit in tight spots like behind a motorcycle fairing or under a seat or dash. Mono, single channel amps for subwoofers and multi channel amps up to eight channels for running mid-high speakers or even entire systems. Safe & Sound has the largest selection of amps you'll find anywhere, all on display at both locations.

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