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Backup Camera

Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can add a backup camera to any car. Every car has a huge blind spot directly behind and even in front, in many cases as far as 50 feet backwards and 8 feet forward. Sure front and rear cameras can help you parallel park and squeeze into tight locations damage free but the most important point we can make is that back and front cameras save lifes. Backovers and frontovers continue to be the number one, non-traffic cause of car deaths in children under the age of fifteen. Front and rear cameras are one of the best ways to stay safe and every bit as important as a seat belt. Safe & Sound Mobile Electronic specializes in camera, stocking and displaying the largest selection anywhere in the DC metro area.


So if I add a camera, where do I view the image?
Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can add a display to any vehicle. Typically a new radio is the best solution since the new screen would be completely integrated and can also add additional updates like bluetooth hands-free calling and music streaming, smartphone integration, navigation, just to name a few. Integrating with steering wheel controls and existing stereo systems is no problem. Another easy alternative is a rear view mirror monitor which also offers some upgrade and integration options. OnStar, homelink, auto dimming, navigation, bluetooth all with the look and feel of a factory installation. Of course if you're vehicle already has a factory color screen, we can integrate a camera image on it too.









Vehicle Specific Cameras
Of course we have a huge selection of traditional cameras but sometimes a vehicle specific camera is the perfect choice. We have kits prewired to plug directly into existing factory screens, aftermarket screens, head units, mirror monitors, even into a tablet or smartphone. We can customize cameras and monitors for any situation









Front, Side and Special Use Cameras
Nothing makes parallel parking or squeezing into tight spaces easier than being able exactly what's going on. Many aftermarket radios are designed specifically front and rear cameras and many cameras are designed specifically for frontal use. Wherever you need to see, we can add a camera. We've installed cameras to view horses inside a horse trailer and behind the trailer. We've installed cameras in yachts where sight lines are blocked. We've installed cameras underneath off road vehicles to view the terrain. On tractor trailers, on commercial straight trucks, on RVs and buses. Anywhere you need to see, Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can install a camera.









Backup Sensors
Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can install backup, parking sensors in any car. Front and rear, backup sensors give you the confidence to park within inches of other cars and options without scratches or dents. We can custom match paint colors of sensors and custom mount and match optional displays. Integrated with backup cameras, optional on screen display of distance can also be shown.

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