Factory Controlled Integration Kits

We have a large selection of kits that work via "emulation". This process uses the buss from an external audio source, like a CD changer, and simply put satellite radio text in same fields that would have displayed CD text. With emulation you still keep all factory controls, including steering wheel plus titles display on all factory displays.

Replace the Radio

Of course a new radio is the best way to get the full benifits of todays Sirius XM satellite radio. Big displays show full color album artwork. Station, artist, song title, genre and category is all displayed and searchable. Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can install a new head unit in any car. When we refer to the head unit, we're referring to the stereo in your dash. There are a wide range of models, we have more than forty units on working displays in both stores, the largest selection on display in the area. We stock hundreds of vehicle specific mounting kits and interfaces options, vehicle-specific all at a broad range of price points to fit any budget or vehicle

External Display and Portable Units

If you don't want to replace the radio and there's no option for an integration kit, an on-dash unit is always an option. The quick route is a simple suction cup for the glass but we specialize in custom mounting solutions to put the unit in an ergonomic and anesthetically pleasing location. We can integrate audio into an existing aux input or a hardwired modulator. The sound quality of modulator isn't near as good as direct but they are "usable" meaning hiss and static free.




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