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We can integrate wth any factory stereo. Just want to add speakers? Just want to add a radio? Just want to add a subwoofer? No problem. Most of the installations we do on a daily basis integrate in some way way existing factory gear.

We can add an amp to any factory stereo. The amplifier is the engine that runs an audio system. Every audio system has an amplifier. In a factory system it's typically located inside the radio an is no more than a few inches long. Most aftermarket head units advertise power around 20 watts per channel but if you read the fine print, at 12volts they're all about 8 watts per channel and not much better than your factory radio. Adding an external amplifier is one of the best improvments you can make to any system adding warmth, punch, dynamic range and of course, volume. Amps come in numerous shapes, sizes and configurations. Some super small to fit in tight spots like behind a motorcycle fairing or under a seat or dash. Mono, single channel amps for subwoofers and multi channel amps up to eight channels for running mid-high speakers or even entire systems. Safe & Sound has the largest selection of amps you'll find anywhere, all on display at both locations.

We can add a subwoofer to any factory system. Factory sound systems rarely provide the dramatic and high quality bass range that comes from having an aftermarket subwoofer. In most factory systems you're literally missing a large portion of what the artist recorded. The powerful hit from a kick drum, the low 50hz thump of a bass guitar, the ultra low frequencies in electronic music, all are completely missing without a subwoofer. Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics has a huge selection of loaded subwoofer enclosures, raw woofers, vehicle specific and empty enclosures of every possible size and configuration but our specialty is custom fabricated enclosures that look and fit like they came with the vehicle.

Speaker Replacement
Replacing factory speakers is a great place to start, adding an amp to power them is even better. Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics has an incredible selection of specialty front and rear speakers for any car or configuration. Over eighty coaxial and component separates on working displays at each store. Listen with your favorite music and let your own ears decide. We specialize in custom fabrication of tweeter pods and door panels allowing us to place speakers in the optimal position and still have that high end, factory look.

Head Units
Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can install a new head unit in any car. When we refer to the head unit, we're referring to the stereo in your dash. Replacing the head unit is not only the most convenient way to integrate your smartphone or portable player, but it is often also the most affordable as well. Getting a head unit that easily integrates your devices is an easy first step to getting the latest in new car infotainment without having to buy a new car. There are a wide range of models, we have more than forty units on working displays in both stores, the largest selection on display in the area. We stock hundreds of vehicle specific mounting kits and interfaces options, vehicle-specific all at a broad range of price points to fit any budget or vehicle.

Processors / Line Output Converters
Integrating with a factory system is the number one use for most of our processors. It all started with the equaliser. When just a bass and treble control is simply not enough, enter the processor. High end units can take a speaker level input from a factory radio and elimate curves designed to make dirt cheap factory speakers sound better and make your new aftermarket system sound awesome. Using expert ears, ociloscopes and real time analizers, we can tune up to 30 band per channel equalizers, time alighnment and digital crossover to achieve any desired result.

Factory Radio Adapters
Factory Radio adapters allow you to keep your factory radio while adding functionality. You can control your smartphone or portable player through a wired connection without needing to completely replace or upgrade your stereo. With compatible factory stereos you can choose by artist, song, album or genre. Information is displayed on existing screens and control with stereo and/or streering wheel buttons. Satellite radio can often be integrated instead of that goofy portable unit that sits on your dash.

Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling and Streaming
Nothing to plug in, nothing to connect when you get in the car. The phone rings your the callers name and number comes up on the screen with large buttons to answer or not. You entire phone calling list is displayed on the screen. No more missed calls digging for your phone in a pocket under the seatbelt or getting tickets for holding a phone in your hand (holding a cell phone while driving is illegal in VA, MD, DC and WV). Stream your music from your phone or device wirelessly!

Internet Radio
Pandora and similar internet radio services provide your own personal radio stations, based on your preferences and can be displayed in your car just like a traditional radio. Album artwork and titles are displayed on-screen. Thumbs up and thumbs down buttons allow you to easily and ergonomically fine tune your preferences.

FM Modulators
The least expensive way to get a signal from your device into a factory radio that has no aux input is with an FM modulator. It's basicallly a tiny wired or wireless FM radio station under your dash, it broadcasts on unused frequencies and plays like any other FM radio station except with content you choose. Yes there is a sound quality sacrifice when compared to a direct input or aftermarket radio but they can be usable and static/hiss free.

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