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Fabrication is a very general term that covers much more than one might expect. Even the most basic speaker installation for example, will require a certain level of fabrication. Rarely do speakers simply drop into a factory hole and all the mounting screws line up. More often than not a technician will be required to fabricate an adapter plate to make the speaker fit in a manor much like a car manufacturer would provide. Even with the most basic installations like this, Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics takes pride in fabricating parts every day that look, function and feel as good or better than the original factory design. This same design approach is evident in everything we do, it's skills like these that define a high end installer as a true jack of all trades experienced with media such as plastics, metals and wood of all types, vinyl, leather and suede, paints and dyes, just to name a few. Both locations stock a large supply of raw materials for fabrication. About 25% of each facilities total area is dedicated to an isolated space designed specifically for custom fabrication. Some tools of the trade onsite include welders, plasma cutters, table saws, router tables, dust collectors, paint guns, plotters, even a sewing machine. And if we don't have it in-house, we contract numerous companies for extremely specialized work, each at the top of their trade. Big or small, if you want it done right and to your exacting standards, Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics should be your first and only choice. Please check out our gallery of custom installations.

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