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Sports Car


Custom Wheel Specialists

There is a big difference in picking out some wheels on a website and talking with an expert with experience in custom wheels. What fits in your particular vehicle without rubbing, what fits if the vehicle is going to be/has been lowered, what looks good and most importantly, what performs best. Custom made multi-piece fitments, mounting of any size and offset. It is very comforting to have a  pro take responsibility for your wheel choices. From style and fitment,  to mounting and balancing, we will make certain your new custom rims and tires will perform to their maximum potential. Check out our gallery of custom wheel installations.

Mounting, Balancing, and Installation

Plenty of tire shops can install your wheels but mounting and balancing ultra-low profile tires, especially run-flat tires on large diameter rims is not an easy skill to acquire. Only the best, formally trained technicians using state of the art equipment can perform this task error-free.  Our leverless,  touch-free tire changers can mount and demount tires up to 36 inches in diameter.  These machines hold the rim by the center holes,  not on a metal rim clamp table that can and will scratch the rim surface.  We have multiple TPMS (tire pressure monitoring systems) programmers that can address any TPMS situation.  Traditional balancers spin balance wheels without taking into account a tire that may be "out of round" having a high or low spot.  For example, a stop sign will balance perfectly if you find the center, of course, it will not roll smoothly on the road.  Our Hunter Road-Force balancer has a separate roller applying simulated road pressure to identify bent rims and bad tires.  Often low spots on rims can be offset 180 degrees from low spots on tires.  This method requires less weight and results in better balancing.  High-end car manufacturers like Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari require their dealerships to use a Road-Force balancer.  Safe & Sound tire techs are formally trained in wheel balancing and are ASE certified.  Check our gallery of both store bays

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