The driver safety category encompasses a variety of devices designed to make your life easier and safer at the same time.

Crash Avoidance Systems
If drivers can successfully avoid collisions, then the seatbelts and airbags we've come to rely on become secondary prevention measures. No question, they remain essential equipment, but there's just no substitute for a safety tool that helps you avoid the accident. That's the beauty of Mobileye collision avoidance technology.

By seeing and recognizing other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists on the road, even lane markings and traffic signs, the Mobileye system literally "thinks ahead" and warns drivers of potential hazards before they have a chance to occur. Forward collisions, exceeding the speed limit, lane veering, headway monitoring and more — audio and visual alerts warn drivers and provide them with ample time to react.
Mobileye's artificial vision-based collision avoidance system assists both seasoned drivers and new drivers to keep an "extra eye" on the road, which is why over 2.5 million drivers worldwide utilize our life-saving technology. That's the kind of solution that saves lives

Blind Spot Detection Systems
Why pay thousands of dollars for the latest in technology for your vehicle? Our blind spot and backup sensor systems can be added to virtually any vehicle, and installations can be customized for a stock, manufacturer look. Some manufacturers charge up to $4500 in optional packages to include their own blind spot monitoring. Our systems have nearly the same functionality and can be installed at a fraction of the cost. Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics offers a few different systems plus front and rear configurations to meet a range of budgets and functionality.

Lane Departure Warning
Audiovox recently introduced its first aftermarket lane departure/forward collision warning system. The device is relatively easy to install, requiring about an hour install time. It recognizes painted lane lines on the road and beeps to let you know if you are leaving your lane (without using your turn signal) so it can alert a drowsy driver or a teen who is not paying attention. It also beeps to let you know if you are closing in on the car ahead too rapidly.

It also includes a digital video recorder which a shock sensor so if you are in an accident, it locks the recording so you can't record over it. The camera-based system uses GPS and a manual connection to the turn signal, ignition and ground. It includes a plate that mounts behind the rear mirror and the small brain of the device slides in. Then there's a small GPS module that also mounts on the windshield.
Alerts are all audible and there's a remote control to change the volume and sensitivity settings. Stock versions don't offering sensitivity settings. The unit may be set to start monitoring at a certain speed. And it can be turned on and off via remote control. Installers calibrate the system by using a monitor that plugs into the cigarette lighter and then adjusts the camera angle between onscreen yellow markers.

Dash Camera Recording Systems
Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics stocks and displays a large selection of mobile recording systems. At thier most basic we offer tiny cameras that mount right next to your rear view mirror and save information on an SD card. Built in shock sensors will lock in a recent time period if any major impact vibrations are sensed. Other basic systems will include a built in monitor or simply use an existing monitor from a factory or aftermarket radio screen. Upgrades include systems with front and rear cameras plus easy to use software making the search through footage easy. On the high end we offer a four camera DVR system that doubles as the ultimate backup camera system showing a birds eye view from above yet recording the four images separately. Whatever your mobile camera recording needs, Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics has a solution for you.

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