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Automotive Lighting       

Safe & Sound carries (and stocks) every kind of lighting imaginable. Both stores have a portion of the showroom devoted to the category. LED and HID headlights,  roof light bars, fog lights, driving lights, undercarriage lights, under dash accent strips.  Vehicle specific mounting options or a custom installation. We also stock a huge selection of on/off switches to suit any custom installation.


Marine Lighting

Lighting really sets off a boat.  We could be talking about a million dollar boat and often it’s the relatively inexpensive lighting that grabs the attention. Underwater lighting, ceiling fixtures, accent strips and lighted speakers are just a few of the options. We can tie it all together with custom lighted and labeled switches and/or an app based controller.






Motorcycle Lighting

This is a category where the installation is everything.  Lighting kits for bikes are not particularly expensive or extremely different from each other.  It’s simply the quality of the installation that makes the difference. If you’ve ever seen a Harley that was done onsite at a bike show, you know what we mean.  A quality installation is rare thing of beauty on a motorcycle.  Seeing the light emanating from the fixture and not the fixture itself, that’s the trick.

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