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Motorcycle Audio

Bikes present a unique set of challenges from an audio standpoint. Of course sound quality is important but volume comes first. Crystal clear means nothing on the highway at 75 if you can't hear it. Getting loud on a bike takes high quality speakers, as many as possible, and a lot of power. We stock motorcycle specific accessories like device handlebar mounts, waterproof radio covers, speakers and the largest selection of ultra small amplifiers you'll find anywhere. Brands like Rockford Fosgate and JL Audio are on display at each store. We stock turn key "stage" packages for every Harley Davidson model plus both locations are equipped with Harley scanners that can flash factory radios to suit the new audio choices, a service even Harley dealers do not offer. There's no such thing as "too extreme" on a bike, more is always better. Drop by our Manassas location to hear the Rockford system live.

Motorcycle Dashcams

With the growing popularity of vehicle and helmet cams, Kenwood is the first to introduce a front and rear system that can be installed on any bike.  Permanently hardwired, nothing to turn on and off, when the bike is running, it's running. 


Motorcycle Lighting

This is a category where the installation is everything.  Lighting kits for bikes are not particularly expensive or extremely different from each other.  It’s simply the quality of the installation that makes the difference. If you’ve ever seen a Harley that was done onsite at a bike show, you know what we mean.  A quality installation is rare thing of beauty on a motorcycle.  Seeing the light emanating from the fixture and not the fixture itself, that’s the trick.

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