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Mobile video systems are often called the "Backseat Baby Sitter. It's the perfect solution to a stress free and more enjoyable drive by keeping your passengers entertained and relaxed.  Turning your car into an entertainment center on wheels is simple and there are several options to fit your price point.

Options for a Back Seat Entertainment System
There are several options to consider when purchasing a back seat entertainment system. The most popular way is getting a pair of smart TV headrest video monitors installed. They clamp onto existing headrest bars yet look as if factory installed. Connected to any WiFi (even in front of your house) you can download the latest content from all your favorite streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Amazon Prime Video, etc. and watch separately or together on each monitor. Now you're not stuck with the same couple DVD's from an older system. You can also download games or any apps from the Google store. Of course you can also stream from your phone too. We also offer traditional DVD headrests with factory matched fabrics and stitching.





Another popular option is the overhead flip-down video monitor which is a larger, single monitor installed into the ceiling of the vehicle. This is a great option for more than two viewers who want to watch the same program material.  In larger vehicles, multiple flip-monitors may be an option.  Even vehicles with sunroofs often have room for a flip-down monitors. Both our stores have dedicated displays with the largest selection you'll find anywhere. 




Dish network and Directv

The ultimate in mobile video,  satellite tv while in motion.  KVH Tracvision is not just for RV's and boats, it's also available for SUVs and cars.  At only four inches tall, the Tracvision A9 can provide Dish network and Directv satellite service on multiple monitors and many configurations. 


How does the Sound Work?
Both the overhead and headrest video monitors can play sound through wireless and wired headphones so that everyone can happily listen to what they want without bothering other passengers but we can also integrate into the vehicles audio system if the front driver and passenger would like to hear as well.


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