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Remote Engine Starters

Why sit there and suffer until the vehicle warms up?  What's the alternative, bundle up just for that first ten minutes of the ride? Get into a warm car every time, windows defrosted, seats heated, you and your passengers will be comfortable all winter long. Cooling a car for summer is pretty nice too. Most vehicles start at $399 installed. Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics carries the largest selection you'll find anywhere, over twenty models of remote starts, keyless entry, smartphone interfaces and hybrid systems from Viper and Compustar are on display and in stock at each location. 


How Remote Start Works

Remote starts are easy for any driver to use: simply press a button on your remote from your cozy location indoors and the car engine starts. You can also turn off your car using your remote if your plans have changed. The vehicle will stay locked until you unlock it, of course the key will still be required to drive the car away, a vehicle running "on remote" is no easier to steal. All our units also offer a "pitstop" feature that allows you to leave the car running while you run into a store or the house without leaving the keys. Diesel and manual transmission vehicles are no problem at all, almost any vehicle can have a remote start.


Smartphone Remote Start

Smartphone systems are one of the easiest ways to always be able to lock, unlock and start even when the keys aren't handy. Virtually unlimited range, operate from anywhere on the planet there's cellular coverage. Other features include GPS tracking, see exactly where your car is at any time from your phone. Bluetooth auto sensing lock and unlock, set the exact distance you want your car to lock and unlock as you come and go. When interfaced with security the system will send a text telling you exactly what is going on with the car, low battery, alarm triggered and why the alarm was triggered. Control multiple cars from one app. Please stop in for a live demonstration and see Northern Virginia's largest selection.


Security Systems

Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics offers a huge selection of remote start/alarms and stand-alone alarm systems. If you're thinking about just one or the other, consider the minimal cost difference in going "fully loaded". Many consumers say "but my vehicle already has an alarm system", yes technically if you open a door, a horn will beep but if you break all the windows, pull out the stereo, even turn the car upside down, most factory systems will not make a peep. Our systems have included and/or optional features like:


- Alarm notification alerts on the remote (audible and vibration) or via cellular text.

- Battery backup systems in case the car battery dies or is disabled

- Battery backup sirens in case the primary siren is disabled or system is unpowered

- Digital tilt sensors if someone attempts to tow or jack up the car to remove wheels

- Glass breakage sensors,

- Impact / shock sensors

- Perimeter space disturbance "invisibeam" sensors

- Talking voice modules

- Remote window roll-up

- Remote sliding door close / open

- Remote trunk pop

- Power locks, windows and trunk releases (even when not factory equipped)


Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics specializes in custom applications like motorcycles, commercial vehicles, trailers and even boats.


Keyless Entry

If your basic needs require a simple remote control that just locks and unlocks yours doors, we've got you covered. You're vehicle has no power locks? No problem, our solenoid lock motors include a lifetime warranty, even car manufacturers won't give you that. Our automatic bluetooth auto sensing system allows you to lock and unlock without touching anything, set the exact distance you want your car to lock and unlock as you come and go.


Heated Seats

Heated seats are the number one most chosen factory options although typically tied in with other options you may not want. No worries, Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can install heated seats in almost any vehicle. Our seat elements can be trimmed to fit any seat perfectly. Bottom and back, two stage heating with a few different choices of illuminated switches.


Will it void my warranty?

No. It's actually illegal for a vehicle manufacturer to void a warranty because aftermarket equipment is installed. Our MECP certified techs are the best in the industry, with combined experience that totals almost a hundred years. We've been installing remote starts and alarm systems pretty much since they were invented.


Read about the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act here

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