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Sound Damping
Safe & Sound Mobile Electronics can install damping material in any vehicle. We prefer MESA Mat and Focal BAAM but regardless of what brand you prefer, sound damping offers many advantages


Vehicle door as a speaker enclosure
You couldn't find a worse material for a speaker enclosure than a metal door. Even a trash can has better acoustic properties. Adding sound damping material to the inner and outer skins of a vehicle door can often make a greater difference than the speaker you choose. It dampens vibrations and seals the door to create an acoustically damped enclosure that will resonate less at specific frequencies. One of the only things that make luxury cars quieter while driving and the tight sound it makes when a door is closed, is sound damping material.


Quiet Road Noise
All luxury car manufacturers use lots of damping material to quiet road noise. Layer the floor, doors, trunk, headliner, firewall and hood and it's like driving an entirely different car. Add carpet pad to fight the low-frequency noise from big engines and loud exhaust and even reduce heat.


Fight Trunk Rattle
We often say "big bass will find a rattle in a brick wall". Nothing is off limits when you've got two 12" subwoofers running on a 1000watt amp. Parts are going to rattle no matter what you do. Adding sound damping prevent panels from the resonating that leads to your entire trunk or hatch area rattling.

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